Trends in the kitchen cabinetry design

If you are in a new kitchen purchase process or thinking about kitchen renovation, you will want to find out about what it is in fashion now and know at first hand the new trends in the kitchen cabinetry such as colors, textures or design since they change as well as the fashion does, following the new lifestyles and social or economic situations of the time. Nowadays, we see more comfortable and functional places because both familiar and social life in a house revolves around the kitchen.

Cocina moderna con isla

Pictures of kitchens are inspiring when trying to find a new project because we can extract up-to-date ideas that will help us to choose the ideal style in line with our space and personality.
A good source where to start could be specialized magazines or social networks as Pinterest or Instagram. Although it is true that in many cases the kitchens shown in the magazines are not real, they can be a guide to know the current proposals of finishes, materials, textures, space allocation, hardware, complements. etc.

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Apart from that, if we have some extra time, the best alternative is to visit some of the trade fairs or shows specialized in furniture and decoration in order to gaze at the latest trends. After having attended to some of them, we will analyze some conclusions:

  • The kitchen turns more open in its pursuit to socialize as well as more functional and organized adding more efficient cabinetry where the comfort is essential. Cabinets have a softer opening system and easy access to the interior.
  • Slab cabinet doors are combined with new opening systems like Gola Profiles or integrated handles, providing a seamless look and a sense of continuity and cleanliness thanks to the straight lines, which are present all the time in the kitchen design layout.
  • Another of the latest trends is to mix materials, textures and finishes combined among them and creating a balanced and pleasant place. It is noteworthy the mixing of natural materials as the stone, wood or metal.
  • Regarding the colors, neutral and matt colors such as black matt or anthracite-grey together with white, which is always in fashion, are combined now with wood or black depending on the style of the kitchen. Depending on the color combination we will find a Nordic, country or modern and avant-garde style of kitchen.
  • Among all the finishes, matt black is the latest trend and it is introduced with various interpretations: total black kitchen, combined with wood or even with a subtle pop of white. Following this pattern, we get sophisticated and elegant kitchens, modern, minimal or even rustic ones depending on the rest of elements which are part of the decoration project.
  • Anthracite grey has been increasing importance recently and we have found it together with wood creating charming kitchens ideal for every style.

Cocina elegante

But the real trend in the kitchen design is to create a space where to enjoy, a place where our guests can appreciate a personal style coming from the hosts and all this is possible thanks to each element that cabinet and hardware market is offering us today.

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