Decorative corner hinges for L-shaped kitchen cabinets

Rincomatic corner cabinet hinges are designed to achieve a full access to L-Shaped corner cabinets through 1 or 2 doors, optimizing the space and improving the storage. Our corner cabinet solutions match any kitchen design or office style thanks to the customization options.

corner cabinet hinges


Rincomatic-Plus40 is a customizable corner hinge for L-shaped corner kitchen cabinets which provides 100% access through 1 door or 2 doors.

  • Full access to the corner cabinet
  • Improve storage
  • Customizable color and height
  • Easy installation. No doors machining required
Corner Hinge opening for L-shaped Cabinets


Rincomatic-Compact32 is a hinge for kitchen corner cabinets as well as any other corner cabinet applications.

  • 100% access to the corner cabinet. 1 door or 2 doors
  • Improve corner cabinet storage
  • Customizable color and height
  • Easy installation. No doors machining required
Corner Post for L-Shaped Corner Cabinets


Rincomatic-Basic40 is a decorative corner post which provides access to the L-shaped kitchen cabinet through independent doors.

  • Full access to the kitchen corner cabinet
  • Improve storage
  • Customizable color and height
  • Easy installation by Clip-System. No doors machining required

Existing solutions for corner kitchen cabinets

For years people have tried to find a way to make the corner cabinets in their kitchens useful and functional. The problem is finding an elegant way to open the corner doors and have access to the interior of the cabinet. The homeowner does not have many options in dealing with this issue.

They have the entry level hardware which is a piano hinge and is not attractive but does open the doors one at a time allowing full access to the cabinet. The next option is a pie-cut door hinge or bi-fold door hinges (also known as lazy susan hinge) which is a clean look visually, but the functionality is severely reduced as both doors have to open simultaneously, losing the capability to fully access just one side of the cabinet.The only other alternative for a homeowner is to jump up to a higher price range option such as a pull-out corner system. These are functional and attractive in a blind corner application but can be too expensive for the average kitchen.

At Rincomatic, manufacturer of unique hardware for modern cabinetry, we have been working for the last two decades to bring innovative and functional corner kitchen cabinet systems which resolve the existing issues mentioned above while providing a cost effective and elegant solutions.

RTA Sales packaging

Both corner hinges as well as Rincomatic-Basic decorative corner profile are sold as finished products in an RTA kit. This means all accessories are included inside the package making installation and customization easier as there is no need to order additional parts. Delivery is made simple for the customer as everythingis in one box.

Corner hinge Solutions
corner hinge packaging

Decorative corner hinges and corner posts

Rincomatic-Plus40 and Compact32 Corner Hinges as well as Rincomatic-Basic40 Corner Post are our most popular decorative corner solutions. They provide the customer a highly innovative and decorative option when designing cabinets for a L shaped kitchen. When installed, both corner hinges create a seamless look in the corner which is elegant and visually appealing yet gives the customer the ability to fully access the entire corner cabinet one door at a time.

By providing the functionality to fully open 1 or 2 doors the Rincomatic corner hinge solutions give the customer 100% access to either side of the cabinet. This capability allows the consumer to be more efficient with the storage space inside the cabinet. They can organize the cabinet to store daily use items behind the first cabinet door and occasional use items behind the second door. Thus, providing them easy 100% access to all their items.

Rincomatic-Basic40 also creates a gap free look on the corner doors but as opposed to the corner hinges, given that this is decorative corner post, the doors in the corner units are opened individually. That means that an order when opening and closing the corner doors will be required.

Rincomatic roller catch for corner cabinet doors

This is a simple yet important accessory that is included with the Rincomatic-Plus40 and Compact32 and has a number of uses.

The first being of course to keep the door closed. The second use is solving an issue that has always plagued corner applications especially wider heavier doors. Over time these doors tend to sag or droop from the strain on the hinge, by using the roller catch we now create a 2nd point of contact alleviating the pressure on the hinge while the door is closed. This keeps the door straight and parallel, achieving the desired look of the cabinets.

The Third issue is that typically  to soon which causes the door to bang or clip the cabinet adjacent to the corner. This can cause scratches or damage to the next door, with the roller catch this problem is solved as instead of the door or handle screws making contact with the adjacent door, the roller catch does and simply rolls along the surface eliminating any damage.

Roller Catch for Corner Cabinet doors
Corner Hinge Easy Installation in 3 minutes video

Easy and fast installation

The installation of our Rincomatic corner hinges is simple, quick and can be done on site if you wish because it does not require any additional machining or labor on the door. As you can see on the video tutorials you simply set the corner hinges in between the 2 doors, align the top and bottom, attach the hinge using the included screws and the hinge is installed.

When working with Rincomatic-Basic Corner Post the installation is done by our innovative Clip-System. No measuring required. All you need to do is set up the self-aligning clips included in the RTA Kit at the edge of the door, place the screws, snap off the templates and clip the corner post on. Watch the 1-minute video tutorial to understand how simple and practical this Clip-System is.

No more gaps between corner doors

When using profile handles a common problem in the corner is that there will be gaps where a profile handle ends and the next one begins. The same might happens with finger pull doors.

Profiles handles Covered Gaps between corner doors.
Solution for GAPS between profile pulls

Rincomatic has also a solution for this issue. Included with each Rincomatic-Plus40 and Compact32 corner hinge kit is a set of color matching moldings or tabs. These tabs can easily be attached to the back of profile handles (or doors) and will eliminate any gaps, keeping the beauty and integrity of the contemporary style regardless what the opening angle of the door is.

Affordable corner cabinet hardware

All this customization and functionality is also very affordable in a typical kitchen. Rincomatic corner hinges have a price point in the midrange between existing corner units hardware products giving the homeowner all these features and benefits at an affordable price.