Syma aluminum profile handles with Clip-System

SYMA is the name that Rincomatic has given to its new range of aluminum profile handles. It is comprised of various models as Syma32, Syma50 Customizable, Syma32 Inglete, Syma2 Inglete and their complementaries. SYMA stands out for its innovative CLIP-SYSTEM installation, which makes easier the installation of profile handles, avoids machining and saves time.

It must be highlighted that all the models can be installed on doors with different thicknesses.

Syma end caps enable to cover sharp aluminum edges after cutting profiles and as a result to offer many other finishes such as white, black, champagne, et cetera. Besides, they provide a soft touch and a nice aesthetic which matches perfectly with contemporary styles.


Rincomatic Syma32 + Syma14

The combination of Syma32 profile handle with its complementary Syma14 simulates a gola style allowing an independent opening between the upper and lower front door.

  • Installation by Clip-System. No measuring, no grooving
  • Create a C-shaped channel by using together this pair of continuous handles
  • Ideal for modern custom-made projects
  • Horizontal and vertical application
  • Broad variety of finishes: Matt Black, Matt-Inox, Matt Silver, Anthracite and more

Rincomatic Syma32 Integrated Partial

Syma32 Integrated Partial profile handle breaks with the Gola aesthetic not depending on a complete continuous line anymore. It allows to achieve a greater variety of projects by combining left and right hand partially integrated handles.

  • Ideal for modern kitchens, commercial and residential applications, etc.
  • Clip-System installation.
  • Horizontal and vertical application.
  • Broad variety of colors: matt black, Inox-matt, anthracite and others.

Rincomatic Syma32 Integrated Total

Syma32 Integrated Total is a fully integrated handle on doors and drawer fronts that achieves a comfortable opening and a minimalist aesthetic.

  • Horizontal and vertical installation.
  • Ideal applications: modern kitchens, commercial and residential projects.
  • Some available finishes: matt black, Inox-matt, anthracite, matt silver, chrome, gloss white, etc.
Syma32inglete + 2inglete

Rincomatic Syma32 Inglete + Syma2 Inglete

Syma32 Inglete integrated profile handle and its counterpart Syma2 Inglete is an elegant couple of angled aluminum finger pulls that can be used in conjunction with each other to create a Gola C-channel look.

  • Independent opening between the upper and lower front door
  • Installation by Clip-System. No measuring. Easy 45º machining
  • Sleek lines inherent in modern kitchen project
  • Horizontal and vertical installation
  • Available in the trendiest finishes: Matt Black, Matt-Inox, Anthracite grey

Rincomatic Syma2 Inglete

Syma2 Inglete is an almost invisible continuous edge pull with an angled shape that keeps characteristical sleek lines in a modern design.

  • Ideal integrated handle to be used with Rincomatic Flat Gola profile
  • Installation by Clip-System. No measuring. Easy 45º machining
  • Neat look inherent in modern cabinetry design
  • Horizontal and vertical installation
  • Available in the trendiest finishes: Matt Black, Matt-Inox, Anthracite grey

Rincomatic Syma50 + Syma16

Syma50 Profile Handle can be customized by inserting a decorative laminate with the purpose of matching the color of the handle with the door or on the contrary, to create a contrast.

  • Syma16 profile pull can be used as complimentary profile pull to create a gola style
  • Ideal for modern vanities and contemporary kitchen projects
  • Horizontal and vertical application
  • Great range of finishes: Chrome, Matt Black, Inox-Champagne and more

Aluminum Profile Handles, a timeless hardware for cabinetry

When discussing aluminum profile pull many different images come to mind. We may picture them installed horizontally or vertically with different shapes and finishes. They may be used in either commercial or residential projects and are called many different names. Essentially in most cases when we are thinking about extruded aluminum profile handles they are installed either on top or the bottom of slab style cabinet doors and flat panel drawer fronts, covering at least one edge completely.

The truth is that regardless of where or how the aluminum continuous handles are installed and how many different names are used to describe them; these continuous drawer pulls have been part of the kitchen cabinet design, closets, office furniture as well as commercial cabinets for longer than fifty years. This timeless design looks to be an option that demands consideration when designing a modern project with flat panel cabinet doors. Therefore, we would dare to say that aluminum finger pulls are an ageless trend.


Profile Handles Vertical and Horizontal Application

Continuous edge pulls can be installed on the cabinet doors or drawer fronts either in a horizontal position or a vertical application, depending on the type of project that architects and designers are working on.

For instance, if we think about a contemporary kitchen style or a modern kitchen design, aluminum profile pulls can be installed horizontally and vertically in perfect unison to each other within the same space. A very common installation of continuous pulls is horizontally along the top edge of flat panel doors and drawer fronts on the base cabinets, also at the bottom edge of the cabinet doors in the upper cabinets.

Regarding the vertical installation of aluminum profile handles they can provide an elegant and minimalistic alternative when designing a kitchen pantry. Another example of this would be when thinking about an integrated refrigerator or overlay fridge. In this case, what designers tend to do is install the profile pulls vertically along the right edge of the left door and the same on the left edge of the right door. This combination of using two aluminum profile pulls together generates a C-shaped vertical channel which is wide enough to comfortably open one door or the other.


Gola Style / C shaped channel with Aluminum Profile Handles

When it comes to configuring how to use aluminum finger pulls on the drawer fronts it is important to know how many drawers there are within the same cabinet, as this will determine the position of the aluminum pulls. If designers want to achieve a “Gola Look” or “Gola Style” something that is becoming more and more popular in the modern kitchen design. They could consider placing the profile pull upside down on the bottom of a drawer front and combine this with the profile handle installed at the top of the drawer front below it. The purpose of this would be to form a C-Shape or C-channel with the profile handles creating the desired Gola appearance.


Aluminum Finger Pulls, compatible for any modern cabinet design

Even though there is not any mandatory rule that states what type of project the continuous edge pulls can be installed on, you are more likely to see them as part of a contemporary cabinet project, a modern cabinet design or a “European cabinet style” which is a concept commonly used by many North Americans.

One of the most remarkable characteristics when thinking about the European cabinet look or modern style is the use of slab doors, also known as flat panel doors or flat panel fronts.

Slab doors have become very trendy in North America over the past few years. Even though it is possible to see flat panel doors with any type of decorative hardware installed on them, architects and designers are beginning to prefer using aluminum finger pulls or integrated handles as an elegant hardware solution when working on modern projects with a gola look.


The combination of aluminum profile handles with flat panel doors is not limited to just residential projects, for instance in a contemporary kitchen or a modern vanity cabinet for a bathroom. Over the course of time the use of continuous pulls has also become very common for modern commercial projects such as clothing stores, fashion shops, dental clinics, opticians and many offices looking for a clean and elegant modern style.

Many designers of modern closets and wardrobes have considered the installation of aluminum integrated handles vertically as a practical hardware solution to open slab doors comfortably while keeping a clean and elegant modern look on their closets.

The bottom line is that aluminum profile pulls are a perfect match for slab doors regardless if they are installed in a modern residential project or a commercial application.

Continuous drawer pulls models

When designing a continuous door handle from the point of view of the homeowner there should be a few aspects taken into consideration. Is there enough space for the fingers to pull open the door, can they achieve a comfortable grip, an elegant and appealing look, easy cleaning, and of course a broad spectrum of finishes.

Syma is the name that Rincomatic has given to its aluminum finger pulls category. Although many different models or variants are offered, we can easily differentiate between two main groups:

  1. The 90 degrees also known in the marketplace as L profile handle, straight profile pull, L finger pull profile or L-shape pull.
  2. The 45 degrees which can be also called as angled profile handle, angled finger pull, or integrated angled profile handle.

Easy and fast installation of Profile Pulls by Rincomatic Clip-System

Aluminum extruded handles have been around for many years and the different ways they are attached to the doors varies depending on how the profile handle is manufactured.

Among the most popular variants are the profile handles with a barb protruding out from the bottom of the profile. In order to attach this profile handle to the door, the barb must be inserted into the edge of the flat panel. This installation requires a groove to be cut into the edge of every slab door, then apply adhesive into the groove and clamp the handle in place for a long time until it is completely dry. Grooving the edge of the panel is a process that must be done very accurately by a skilled professional and it is time consuming as it must be repeated for every door.

Another assembly option for these alternative aluminum extruded profiles on slab doors is inserting a couple of screws from the back of the door or drawer into the profile handle. Although this is an alternative, it may not offer the clean outcome that an architect or designer is looking for when thinking of a modern kitchen with elegant slab doors.

Looking at these existing alternatives to attach aluminum pulls on to the doors and continuing with its motto of simplifying the installation process Rincomatic developed a fast and clean solution to install Syma aluminum profile handles. They achieved this by creating a self-aligning clip which is comprised of two parts, assembling plate & template, attached to each other. In three simple steps you can install the Rincomatic continuous edge handle on to the door, no grooving, no measuring, simply clip-on the Syma aluminum handle and the job is done!

  1. Position this self-aligning-clip on the edge of the door: either from the back for Syma straight 90º profile handle or from the front for the Syma angled 45º integrated profile pulls.
  2. Place the screw provided into the guiding tube, and screw the clip into the edge of the door.
  3. Snap off the template and then to clip the aluminum handle on.

Custom-made profile handles by yourself

Something that Rincomatic consistently thinks about when designing new hardware for modern cabinetry is providing versatile solutions for custom projects. Looking at either the Syma integrated profile handles or the Rincomatic corner cabinet hinges, you will quickly realize how easy it is to adjust their size to match the dimensions of the doors or drawers.

If you are planning to remodel your old kitchen, build a new one, reface your cabinet doors, design a vanity cabinet or a closet, you do not need to worry about searching for the correct size aluminum finger pull. With Rincomatic you can custom make your own profile handles to the exact size you require. You simply take a full-length aluminum profile, cut it into pieces based on the size of your doors, and then attach the matching decorative end caps to each side, achieving a clean and soft look.

When cutting raw aluminum, you are typically left with sharp, exposed ends on both sides requiring a lot of extra labor to prepare the handle. Rincomatic has created a system that allows you to eliminate these issues by inserting their innovative end caps. No matter what color or model you choose among the available Syma profile handles, all of them have corresponding matching end caps. You simply insert the end caps into the cut aluminum and you have an elegant finished handle ready to install.