Rincomatic in Fimma Maderalia 2.018

Rincomatic, manufacturer of components for the furniture, will attend the next edition of Fimma-Maderalia 2018, proposing new and practical solutions to facilitate kitchen furnishing.

Regarding the novelties of “corner solutions” The well-known Rincomatic hinge has converted from its presentation into three models that provide important improvements in installation, versatility, finishes and customization, integrating perfectly in the current trends of furnishing. Moreover, its use in doors with profile handles solves perfectly the meeting of these in the corner.

Its range of profile handles, also in trend, stands out for its Clip System installation, making its placement not only simple and clean but also versatile when choosing the position of the shooter. In this edition we will see the handles with the same installation with only one difference: they do not cover the entire door edge but facilitates the opening, providing color and contrast to any gola system.

New profiles Gola clip-system. Rincomatic has developed a whole system of golas: flat, customizable flat and classic C channel with great advantages to point out.

  • The installation by clip-system that allows on-site set up
  • Installation in standard module, whatever the thickness of the frame’s edge.
  • The versatility of its components: two types of profiles that are useful both horizontal and vertical installation.
  • The use of the same board of the fronts for the customization of the Gola, whatever its thickness.

Rincomatic has always opted to facilitate furnishing, mainly kitchens by means of exclusive and innovative products, with a very meticulous aesthetics taking into account both the end customer, the installer and the storekeeper, looking for the current design, optimal installation and appropiate logistics.