Difference between Gola Profile and Profile Handles for the opening of doors

Once we go deep into in the project of a new kitchen, a countless doubts regarding the design, functionality, aesthetics. etc., emerge and it is this the moment of seeking for information where we all do: Google. When typing ‘modern kitchen design’ we start receiving new concepts and information we are not used to such as handleless kitchen cabinets, gola profile, integrated handles for drawers and cabinet doors, flat gola profile, C and J profiles, horizontal gola, vertical gola, profile handles and many others.

Cajones de cocina modernos.

And it is true that those who just arrived in the kitchen world can feel confused and do not understand what it is about.For that reason, our goal in Rincomatic is to get that those concepts are clearly explained, and it is easy to recognize them when a professional talk about the design and budget of our kitchen and bathroom.


For a start, it is needed to know that existence of these systems goes hand in hand with the furniture hardware manufacturer and it is being updated constantly for offering products which can make life in the kitchen simpler and much more comfortable. They provide different solutions able to adapt to every design, door model and budget.

We start by presenting three systems that can be combined among them opening up a world of possibilities:

1) Drawers and cabinet doors with profile handles:

Even though it sounds paradoxical, doors with aluminum profile handles have become part of the handleless kitchen concept. They are installed along the upper edge of the cabinet door or front of the drawer, creating a single element which makes possible opening comfortably from any point. It is resistant, easy to clean and due to his variety of finishes, it is possible to combine them with the rest of the elements and accessories in the kitchen.

They can be installed in horizontal or vertical position depending on the kitchen cabinet type: upper or lower cabinets, creating the horizontal and vertical lines typical of contemporary design.

different kitchen handles

As shown in the pictures, when several drawers coincide, we try to match them to form a C-shape with the purpose of getting a comfortable opening. This is possible by placing one handle upwards and the other downwards.

2) Horizontal gola and vertical gola profile: C-shape and J-shape

Traditional Gola Profile system or also known as Continuous Handle consists of two profiles: C-shape and J-shape which are installed in the kitchen cabinets both in horizontal and vertical position. In horizontal position, the gola profile in J shape is installed in the upper part of the base cabinet and the gola profile in C between drawers so that both upper and lower drawers can be open through the same profile.


horizontal gola profile

horizontal gola profile

vertical gola profile

vertical gola profile


3) Characteristics of Flat Gola profile:

When using Flat Gola profile, some additional characteristics must be taken into consideration, given that being a totally flat profile will require different cabinet doors and drawer fronts options to allow a comfortable opening. Among the most popular options, we can find:

  • Profile handle installed on cabinet doors and drawers cut at 45 degrees, which gives durability and resistance to the kitchen cabinet and makes simple its cleaning. The combinations with gola profiles are multiple thanks to its great variety of finishes.


  • A minimalist handle installed in the top edge of the door. It can be placed in any part of the edge facilitating the door rotation in horizontal and vertical way and both in tall and base cabinets and, in addition, it allows the combination of its finishes with the flat gola profile ones.

Acabados perfil gola plano

  • 45 degrees’ kitchen cabinet door.

Tirador perfil biselado 45 grados.

In the end, the handless kitchens continue with the trend of creating a personalized space by means of these opening systems: gola profiles, profile handles, integrated handles, flat gola profile and its broad range of finishes.