Profile handles by clip system

Syma Profile Handles with Clip-System

SYMA is the name that Rincomatic has given to its new range of Profile Handles. It is comprised of various models as Syma32, Syma50 Customizable, Syma32 Inglete, Syma2 Inglete and their complementaries. SYMA stands out for its innovative CLIP-SYSTEM installation, which makes easier the assembly of handles, avoids machining and saves time.

It must be highlighted that all the models can be installed on doors with different thicknesses.

Syma end caps enable to cover sharp aluminum edges after cutting profiles and as a result to offer many other finishes such as white, black, champagne, et cetera. Besides, they provide a soft touch and a nice aesthetic which matches perfectly with contemporary styles.

syma32 + syma14

Tirador para muebles Syma32.

syma32inglete + syma2inglete


syma 2 inglete


syma50customizable + syma16